Mother's Bistro (Portland)


Love the atmosphere, traditional decor, nice, I like it.  Our wait they said would be 35-40mins, which we were surprised about because there were so many people waiting, but we also didn't realize the restaurant was a wide as the entire block!  Our wait time was actually an hour.I ordered the Portabella Scramble, really good.  Matt got the Eggs Benedict which he said was the best he's ever had.  We shared a French Toast, which I thought was ok and Matt really liked.  The Ruby Red Martini was tasty!

Mediterranean Exploration Company (Portland)


Wow, wow, wow!  That's all I really want to say, it's that amazing!  But I will list and go into depth about their amazing dishes that we tried...

Fennel salad was great, light, refreshing, crisp and just a hint of nice herby flavors, mm!

Eggplant flavorful and delicious.

Hummus and pita, seriously the softest, best tasting bread I have ever had and the hummus was so creamy and delish!

Lamb chops, wow can't help being so repetitive but delicious!  So flavorful and perfectly cooked!  I think best lamb chops I have ever had!

My husband thought the broccolini was the best he's ever had!

Olive cake...yumeeeee!  Wonderful flavors, different, so delicious!  Mm...what a wonderful, amazing experience!  Can't say enough!

Andes Cafe

Finally made a trip out for lunch, wasn't really sure what to expect... It's the east side, that's different.  It was a little hard to find, you have to know what to look for.  We needed our servers help picking a dish and I still wasn't totally confident about my choice but I went with the Pabellon Criollo (shredded beef with black beans and white rice) and it was good but I wouldn't say it's a $14 good...for lunch.  I also ordered the corn on the cob and that was $8!!  The other dish that was a 3 course lunch was $17 and again not amazing!  This place is super pricey!


Dinner with Friends at Nobie (Montrose)

Love the atmosphere in this cute little restaurant!  Cozy, rustic, and eccentric like Montrose.  Tapas type food, and the food...well, first of all it changes regularly, and well there were things we liked and things we didn't like.  The dishes I highly recommend are the Cauliflower Piccata is delicious, hands down best dish!  The Avocado & Crab another real crowd pleaser!  The Cevpcici was interesting and fun, the Texas Tartare was pretty good, and we liked the Birthday Cake dessert which was cute and fun and tasty!  And both desserts were sent out on the house!  Love that kind of service!  The service, of course was excellent, so hospitable, like they really want you there!  They did send out a few complimentary dishes, which was really really nice.  It's definitely a fun, new restaurant, great place for groups and maybe a date!

Detroit Pizza at Pizaro's Pizza

Finally got to try Pizaro's new Detroit-style pizza!  We had been waiting all year and I think it was supposed to come out August or so, but we just haven't been back since.  Well we finally got a chance to go and it was pretty tasty, but maybe just a little too much dough for me.  I think I'll stick to my regular thin crust Napoletana-style pizza.  It's definitely worth a try though, maybe I'll go for another round.  The grapefruit beer was good...but I still dream about that Grapefruit Hefeweizen I had in Philly!

Tout Suite (Commerce)

You know, I really like the atmosphere here, but I think I'm over the least the Avocado Toast for sure.  There is something about it that has changed and I can't put my finger on it, but it just has this really heavy taste to it...I don't know if it's oil or what.  The waffle is still good and Fried Chicken is tasty, I think I just have to change my go to breakfast dish.

Celebrating at Steak 48 (River Oaks District)

It's Cecilia's 40th birthday and my first time visiting Steak, I really like it!  Really love the atmosphere!  The bar on the first floor has a great atmosphere and energy, love loved it!  It's actually super crowded with beautiful people!  

We eventually get sat at our table, upstairs.  Very different vibe.  Dark, cozy, masculine...not surprised, it's a steakhouse!  Beautiful decor.  It's time to order and we decide to order "family-style".  We ordered the Tomahawk Wagyu, 3 of them, $195 per plate.  Argentinian Sea Bass and Lamb Chops.  Of the 3, many of us liked the Lamb Chops the best.  The Wagyu was disappointing, but that might of been because I got a bad cut, mostly fat.  We also ordered the seafood tower, oysters were fabulous!  Long story short, I definitely would like to go back...but order my own dish!  Great bar to hang out at and awesome people watching!

Drinks at Le Colonial (River Oaks District)

Sorry the photos are so bad, we only stopped by for some drinks and apps before our real dinner at Steak 48.  I loved the bar atmosphere, it was trendy, upscale, and great crowd.  Food was great too, but I thought it was odd that they brought out the Vietnamese Eggrolls with soysauce.  She said it was really authentic Vietnamese food.  The Tuna Tar Tar was excellent!  We definitely want to come back, but it is pretty pricey, which you would expect for anything in this shopping center!

Sweet Paris Creperie (City Centre)

First time at the City Centre location.  It's a great place for mommies, apparently.  Tons of mother's with little ones.  I visited on my day of with my babe and we fit right in!  I ordered the THE VEGAN (portobello mushrooms, black bean puree, corn salsa, and chipotle sauce), $9.95.  I thought it was actually pretty tasty, a little spicy, great flavors!  Cute cute place.

Honeymoon Cafe & Bar


Not sure why this place gets such high ratings because as my husband and stepson says, this place blows.  We went on a weekday morning and not including the extended wait for our coffee and food, the menu was limited and the food wasn't even tasty at all.  We won't be coming back here anytime soon.  The place is really cute though, too bad.

The Ritual (Heights)


I thought Ritual would be more fancier than it is, it's actually very casual.  I was also unsure if it was "family-friendly", now with a little one, but not only is it kid-friendly, there were others there with newborns as well!  I like the atmosphere, our server was great, and the food was pretty good!  The hush puppies were yummy!  Sweet and tangy and soft!  The Steak Salad was really great too.  The Breakfast Club was ok to me and I really wanted the fries, but was never asked and the chips just came with it.  Anyway, overall we liked our experience and will probably be back for that Ritual Burger I've been hearing about!

Also, I hear this place turns into a different atmosphere on the weekend with a DJ and all!  Sounds fun!

Garlic Tofu


The best garlic Tofu (Dau hu luc lac) in town, hands down!   At Cali Sandwich in midtown.  Not my favorite atmosphere, but I don't care where I have to go to get this dish, I'm's that good!

Riel (Montrose)


Brand new!  In the old Te Bar location on Fairview.  Cozy place, great spot for a romantic dinner for 2!  But I went with my friend Oscar my chef friend, Nik, who put it on my radar.  We liked the staff, restaurant and half of the items we ordered, specifically the Cauliflower and Oysters app, Tonkatsu, yellowtail sashimi...really fresh fish, and the sticky toffee!  Definitely go and try!