Coltivare Pizza & Garden (Heights)

Hearing about it more and more recently...this farm to table restaurant, Coltivare Pizza & Garden, was on the destination list for tonight's date night.  We arrive and it's a 1.5-2 hour wait, they do not take reservations.  We sit at the bar and between the two of us we had a glass of wine, 3 blonde bombshells, and a Lilly Langtry.  Apparently, they just got their liquor license so they are still very limited on the wine and beer, only had 2 beer options.  I'm a light weight, so they said the further down you go on the crafted drinks list, the more I got the first thing, Lilly Langtry, which was just the right drink for me!  It was tangy, sweet, not too strong, just perfect!

Our bartender was owner, Morgan Weber.  I asked him what he recommended, he recommended the below appetizers.  After he made his recommendations, I asked if he has good taste, or was his taste unique.  He said, he thinks his taste is good, haha.  I don't think he knew I knew who he was.   He recommended the cauliflower and the Bycatch Baccia, which were amazing!  BB was light and tangy, with some hints of nuttiness, very good.  The cauliflower appetizer to me tasted somewhat similarly to Uchi's brussels sprouts appetizer, but with Uchi it's almost too saucy.  This cauliflower dish had the right level of sauce, sweetness, and tang.  I think it's better than Uchi's brussels sprouts, and that's saying a lot.

So we finally get seated, our main meal we had the butternut salad, pepperoni & yukon potato pizza, which are Morgan's favorites.  All so excellent!  The butternut salad, recommended by our server Laney, was tangy, crispy, so good!  Great recommendation!  The pizzas, I'm not really sure because by this point I started to go into a full force allergic reaction to the amount of alcohol I had, which I really hadn't had a lot.  Disclaimer, I have very low tolerance, but the Lilly Langtry was soooo good, I couldn't pace myself.  I thought the textures of the pizzas were good, the crust was so crispy.  I saved some pizza so I could try again later, but my dining partner thought both were really good. We asked our server, Laney, to surprise us on the dessert and she brought out the pear crostata with a salted something gelato, which I could barely taste.  I did sense a salty, sweet, and butteriness.  I was very pleased with my entire dining experience, except the 2 hour wait.  I thought the atmosphere, food, heart of the restaurant were so excellent.  And for everything we ordered, our bill came out to $100, which I thought was so reasonable.  Excellent experience, I definitely sense the love in the food, drinks, the whole restaurant, actually.  Fabulous experience!