Going ons

Houston Marathon Sunday & City Dog Park!

Went out to root on the runners.  It's always a favorite event of mine.  Usually, I like being apart of the race, but due to an unexpected illness I could not make it.  These guys pictured here were so great.  They really pumped up the runners by creating this tunnel and chanting "beat that hill, beat that hill!"  What great cheerers!  The best I have ever seen.  And great job the runners!  Oh and this guy...what a super nice cheering crowd, he saw this runner on the side trying to stretch out his calf an went over to him and asked he needed his calf massaged.  I'm telling you, Houston has one of the best cheering crowds!

On the way there, I learned that the new 1.5M city dog park is officially open!  It has a large and small dog section.  It was really cool to see it all completed.  It's really nice isn't it?  Literally, I blinked and it was suddenly there!  Look at this cute pup!  I have never seen this breed.  It's a chihuahua and poodle mix.  He was super duper cute!  And look at how nice Buffalo Bayou look this weekend!  So beautiful!  I love this city!  It's becoming more beautiful by the day.

Pandemonieum in Highland Village!

What is this?  Who is this?  Well, this morning, this line had everyone's attention in Highland Village!  All wondering what new gadget was being unveiled at the Apple store and even for Apple it seemed like an absurdly long line.  This line started to catch eyes at Walgreens and wrapped around to West Elm, past Z Gallerie, Banana Republic, Victoria's Secret, and next to James Avery it surprisingly ended at a shop I've never seen called Lush Cosmetics.  There, there was a girl named Rachel "Bunny" Meyer who is apparently the highest earning vlogger with over $463,000 of earnings last year.  So it's not Apple, but this vlogger who commands this ridiculous never ending line of tween followers.  

Mystery solved!

Oprah in Houston!

Yes, I was at the Life You Want Weekend with Oprah this past weekend!  It was so awesome!  I took Katie with me and it was exactly what we both needed to get refreshed.  I'm a learner and try to find the lesson in everything so this was right up my alley.  The event was Oprah and her 4 trailblazers each giving their one inspiring message.  I just thought it was so interesting and had so much depth.  I personally thought Oprah's part was the best.  She is just such a great communicator, funny, deep, charitable, inspiring, and has a huge heart.  Super fun event, loved every minute of this 2 day event.  I would do it again if they came to Houston again in the future.