Houston Marathon Sunday & City Dog Park!

Went out to root on the runners.  It's always a favorite event of mine.  Usually, I like being apart of the race, but due to an unexpected illness I could not make it.  These guys pictured here were so great.  They really pumped up the runners by creating this tunnel and chanting "beat that hill, beat that hill!"  What great cheerers!  The best I have ever seen.  And great job the runners!  Oh and this guy...what a super nice cheering crowd, he saw this runner on the side trying to stretch out his calf an went over to him and asked he needed his calf massaged.  I'm telling you, Houston has one of the best cheering crowds!

On the way there, I learned that the new 1.5M city dog park is officially open!  It has a large and small dog section.  It was really cool to see it all completed.  It's really nice isn't it?  Literally, I blinked and it was suddenly there!  Look at this cute pup!  I have never seen this breed.  It's a chihuahua and poodle mix.  He was super duper cute!  And look at how nice Buffalo Bayou look this weekend!  So beautiful!  I love this city!  It's becoming more beautiful by the day.

My Big 4-0!

Add favorite current and life-time friends, great food & spirits, and some good ol conversation...makes for the perfect 40th celebration.  Details on where and how much below. 

This super relaxed an casual event was pretty inexpensive...globe lights from C&D Hardware were $30 /box, here are a total of 4.  Canvas tarp $20 from Home Depot.  White table covers $3/each from Arnie's Party Supply, 2 were used here.  I happen to have to burlap table runners that I purchased from Battery Operated Lights.  Votive candles can also be purchased at Arnie's.  Cushions and pillows were from lawn/patio chairs and around the house.  Blue Ball jars for flowers were from Michael's, $1/jar.  The Korean BBQ was a hit and a crowd favorite.  It was purchased from HMart, marinated short ribs $11/lb.  Cupcakes were made by a guest, Jennifer.  Veruca Salt cake $66 from Fluff Bake Bar.  Super inexpensive party that created the perfect ambiance for my special day!  

Oprah in Houston!

Yes, I was at the Life You Want Weekend with Oprah this past weekend!  It was so awesome!  I took Katie with me and it was exactly what we both needed to get refreshed.  I'm a learner and try to find the lesson in everything so this was right up my alley.  The event was Oprah and her 4 trailblazers each giving their one inspiring message.  I just thought it was so interesting and had so much depth.  I personally thought Oprah's part was the best.  She is just such a great communicator, funny, deep, charitable, inspiring, and has a huge heart.  Super fun event, loved every minute of this 2 day event.  I would do it again if they came to Houston again in the future.

Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation

Yesterday, I attended the NOMF fundraiser for breast cancer with Susan and it was such a great and fun event!  Ilona Carson with KTRK Channel 13 was the emcee and even prettier in person!  Gorgeous!  Giulianna and Bill Rancic were the key note speakers and were so amazing!  They were so interesting, funny, and so so inspiring!  Super awesome and impactful event!  Ladies go get your mammogram!  (Starting at age 35)

Tacos 7 Tacones Gala (AAMA)

The 2014 Tacos y Tacones Gala took way October 4 at the Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Rd., Houston, TX 77045.   Tacos y Tacones is AAMAโ€™s signature fundraising event, a high-energy and entertaining evening filled with fine dining.  The gala attracts approximately 500 of Houstonโ€™s leaders. The event features both live and Big Board auctions in addition to a Fund a Dream mission appeal. All proceeds from the gala benefit AAMA and the more than 20,000 people it serves each year.

Galveston Food & Wine Festival

We were super excited about going to this.  There were 3 ticket options, $135 for the VIP combo, $90, and $65 for the grand tasting.  It was a smaller affair than I expected, but I still had a good time.  It was hot, so it was nice to camp out under the umbrella.  Our ticket gave us access between 2-5pm but by 4pm, the food was out.  There were lots of free wine, but after a few tastings, I needed to slow down since I was the designated driver.  Janice, got to try a lot more brands than I did, however, we both agreed the Skinny Girl Cab ended up being the best thing we tried.  We didn't care for the white or rose, but the red was actually really nice.  I gotta remember to pick up some of that!  It was also nice to visit Market street in Galveston.  I hadn't been back in a while, but looks like they're totally back up and running.  It's a great town, reminds me to come visit more often.