Star fish (Heights/South I-10)


It's new, 3 weeks new, in the old Bradley's Fine Diner spot.  Nice and bright, lots of natural sunlight.  On walking in decor does look similar to some of their other restaurants, Liberty Kitchen group, or members/former members.  We ordered a dozen of Atlantic oysters, fresh and delish, but I wished the horseradish was stronger.  I was glad they brought out crackers too!  I told our server I was a lightweight and like girlie drinks, he recommended the Celtic Kavanagh, which I got.  Huge isn't it?!  Matt had to help me finish it, I was starting to turn beet red!  On food, I ordered the Ahi Tuna Steak which was real nice, Matt got the Lamb tasty and the side that came with it was real substantive, I liked that a lot! And Ethan got the Fried Chicken, which had a different flavor to it and overall tasted great!  We all got our own dessert too, which is very unlike us!  If we liked the restaurant if we get dessert, but we each actually got our own!  I got the Key Lime, which was mm mm mm.  Matt got the Creme Brûlée Chocolate Cheesecake, and Ethan got the Bread Pudding.  We all really enjoyed the food and when we were leaving the 16 year old said, "that place was really good", which isn't saying much since he's 16, but us old folks liked it too!  Great dining experience!  Side note, I liked how Lee came over and chatted with us and made sure he said bye when we were leaving, that was nice.  Love the beard!

La Table (Galleria/Post Oak)


I really like this upscale reataurant.  Love the little outdoor patio which is where we sat on this gorgeous day!  I think the salad I had was the perfect salad.  The spicy fish was a little odd at first but still good.  I definitely have to put this one on the rotation!

Eloise Nichol (Highland Village)


What's this, I have never seen this place before, well today I'm visiting for lunch!  I actually liked the atmosphere, it has a bit of an uppity vibe, but I don't mind that.  I'm kind of excited to try the food and when my lunch partner arrives we decide to order 2 apps the seafood seafood campechana, $12 and the Brussels sprouts, $9.  My Brussels sprouts was good, I was told the seafood campechana was good but that it did taste seafoody so I stayed away.  For lunch I got the Chef's Club, $13, which I thought was ok. Oscar got the Texas Beef Burger, $14, which he said the texture was weird like it was a vegetarian burger or something.  He didn't like it so much.  Then we finished off with the Key Lime Pie which was awesome, but the crust was just way too hard, almost inedible.  Overall, I liked my experience, probably would go back if in the area.  Also, I heard the same owners own Adair Kitchen and Skeeters, along with a couple other places I had never heard of.

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Edison (East 45)


What a great find!  I wasn't actually looking forward to this place since it's described as a "gastro pub", but it came highly recommended by a foodie friend and she was right, it was really good!  The atmosphere is cool, not many people though, which was was 2pm in the afternoon on a Saturday.  The Edison drink was good and sort of looked like a Arnold Palmer.  I just wanted a sip but had several sips!  I ordered the Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes with a side of egg whites but somehow I got the pancakes and the Farmhouse Breakfast, which was actually fine since I really liked the Farmhouse Breakfast!  Loved the Brussels sprouts and veggies that came with it.  And somehow describing them as "farmhouse eggs" made them taste extra fresh!  And the Blueberry Pancakes, wow I really liked it, it was so tasty!  Nice and crisp edges and just super yummy!  I personally did not love the compote but the 16 year old seemed to really like it.  I preferred the sprinkling of fresh blueberries that came with it.  And Matt said his Barbacoa Omelette was soooo good, loved the green sauce and might be the best omelette he's ever had.  Love loved the brunch here!  Can't wait to go back and try the French Toast!  

Presidio (Heights)


We were really excited about Presidio! We came Friday night after 8pm and turned out they had an 1.5hr wait, so we left and decided we can make a date night of it and come back on Saturday. On Saturday we can before 8pm and it was a 45 minute wait, which turned out to be just a little over an hour. We actually didn't mind the wait because it was date night and we were hanging out back, which was festive and open and it was a nice evening so it was totally fine. Sitting out there I did happen to notice that the restaurant is considered "kid friendly". I have a baby, but did not bring him... but did notice smoking is allowed on the back patio, Which happens to be next to the kid area?? Clearly that one wasn't thought out very well. And actually, it's really annoying to have smokers here in an eating area... They should just appease the masses and make it a no smoking environment, unless you're outside of the gated area, which you can't control. Anyway, just wanted to make note, it's not really "kid friendly".

So we had a couple of drinks, I had the Pearly Legal, I specifically asked for a girlie drink and since I'm a total light weight asked if the bartender could recommend...he did great! It was perfect! Matt got some drink that had a smokey flavor to it, can't remember the name of it, but he liked it and got another! That was probably the best service we got because once we got inside it was a train wreck! First the first round of orders had to be corrected because they ran out of the dish. The second round of order also had to be corrected, again ran out of the dish, third time, we finally chose some items that were available, the burger and the grouper...which came highly recommended...the burger was good, but the grouper...definitely was not a table favorite. Also, my burger came out first, then 10 minutes later the kiddie dish came out, then some time later the 2 grouper dishes came out, then at last our appetizers came out. Seriously? I can't remember the last time I had such bad service. And I don't blame it on our server...this has got to be a kitchen thing. We decided we ran out of good vibes and decided not to order dessert here. Not a fan. It's disappointing because the place is really cool, great atmosphere...but service and food...needs work.

Ono Poke (Montrose/Museum District)


The location is kind of weird, feels really secluded...I can't say it's the best spot.  It's next to the old Absinthe bar.  Anyway, it was nice and clean.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  I ordered the "Ono Poke" Salmon and Tuna.  But, when they asked me if I wanted seaweed, I didn't realize it was Seaweed Salad, I don't dislike it, but it's not my favorite thing to order because it's so saucy.  And when they asked me if I wanted Avocado, I was thinking slices not a mushed scoop of avocado, half brown...but other than those two things, I thought it was quite tasty!  The fish tasted pretty fresh, not too much dressing, and just enough flavor.  I liked it!

Frolic Castle (Memorial City Mall)


For this rainy day, this indoor playground was perfect for a play date!  And when the babies are finished playing and it's nap time, the mommies can walk to Tout Suite and eat!  My grilled cheese sandwich and roasted tomato soup probably wasn't the best choice but it was definitely convenient!  The playground opens at 10am so don't go any sooner than that!  The also make you take off your shoes before entering the play area, and have a great little designated infant area...also, a family bathroom with nursing room for mommies right next door!

Adair Kitchen (Galleria)


Adair has been on my list of to dos for at least a year, Easter Sunday seemed like the best day to try a new place in the area.  I haven't been able to make it till just now because, to be honest, it didn't look all least not the food.  No one ever takes pictures of the interior, so I really wasn't expecting such a cute atmosphere!  Now that I'm here, I'm excited!  I love the menu, so many good choices!  Today, I will get my favorite...waffles!  And Will share the omelette with grits!  Seating is difficult, so we sat outside.  We get our food and I am very disappointed.  The waffle wasn't crispy, more limp and limp.  It tasted pretty subpar to.  The omelette was overcooked and the only thing that was somewhat tasty was the grits.  So unfortunately, this one is not going to make it on the return list at my own volition...but if someone wants to try it, I'll give it another try, maybe lunch.

Xochi (Downtown)


Finally, I have arrived!  So far I'm really liking it, nice atmosphere, light and bright.  Same owner as Hugo's and Caracoal...which I like, at least the latter.  I'm a little not sure what to think, I've heard they plate food with insects, I'm not hoping for too much or to be too impressed...but I'm open minded, for now.  Our server recommended a few things which I usually put a lot of stock in, his first the Agua Fresca drink, which I thought was nice, some kind of apple and juices concoction.  The Robalo appetizer is a take on Ceviche, which I do not like because I do not like shrimp, but I did like the Robalo!  I ordered the Enchiladas and Larry got the Atun (tuna), which he said was amazing.  My enchiladas were also really delicious!  Definitely a must try!

Newton Nursery


I was recently introduced to this nursery, and I really like it.  It's nicely organized and the plants look mostly great.  They recently moved so it's a new building and site.  I'm in the market for a few Easton Holley trees, some Jasmine vines and some boxwoods.  I'll post before and after of the backyard I'm working on, but for now here are some photos of the nursery and our trees!

Levy Park (Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza)

Yes, it's new!  Near Kirby and 59.  We have been twice and love it.  Actually the second time we went, we went early, snatched a spot under these beautiful oak trees and picnicked for 5 hours while the kiddos played and the baby and I just laid around, it was awesome!  Must go while the weather is so nice!

Mellow Mushroom (Heights)

Somehow I lost my photos of the food!  Uh, main point of this post...well, I'll just have to resort to old school techniques and describe it!  I mean the joint looks cool, got my attention, but on walking in it was a bit of a strange design, there was this section in the middle of the restaurant that looked like it was somewhat caged, maybe an open cab of a train, anyway, I didn't understand it, but it was different.

I never really have complaints about staff, staff was good here too.  On the food, the salad was nothing special, looked like something out of a prewashed bag of salad.  We ordered what our server had suggested the Holy Shitake Pie and we picked the Mighty Meaty.  The guys seemed to like the Mighty Meaty, especially the 16 year old.  The Shitake pizza was ok, I didn't love it to be honest...and for those reasons we will probably not be back anytime soon...there are just too many awesome pizza places...

Roundtop Antique Fair Has Arrived!


It's a long 2hr drive and I spent not even an hour there, as I was starting to feel bad for dragging the baby around, and then another 2hr drive back!   Other than the ridiculous time I spent getting there compared to how much time I actually spent's was great!  Going early avoids the crowds and I might consider going back towards the end of the show, March 27-April 1.  It was also warm today, but it should be cooler this weekend, go and shop! 

Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Montrose)


Well I do like the speed at which we got in but even at that it's not super fast, but considering how long the line was, on a Friday evening at 730pm, maybe 20 mins, not bad.  Parking sucks.

We ordered the Hush Piggies and the Brussel Sprouts which we thought were ok.  I ordered #2 and everyone else seemed to order the #1, which was the way to go...I thought the #1 was better too but even at that...everything was ok, not really good.  That's all I have to share...