HEB + Roastery

So excited for the new HEB right down the street from me. I got to try some items from the Roastery and I had a picture of the Polish Kolache but the photo didn’t come out very appropriately so I’m doing without and just reporting back, it was good. Also, ran into this guy…he looks exactly the way he does on tv!

Pop Up by Chef Niki

Boat noodles, fried Thai peppers, tapioca dumplings and tres leches, Asian style ,,… very creative, great flavors and just really good food and fun to eat as always! I just want to know, where is Chef Niki popping up next?!

Rice Military 3-4/4.5 $559,900 + Game Room + Rooftop Terrace

Beautifully designed and engineered home w/ 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms w/ bonus gameroom plus additional full bathroom and private balconies, a fully covered rooftop terrace and a private double wide driveway! Check out this listing for more details on features...click the link under my profile...This stunning home has it all, there is nothing out there like this home at this price with these amenities. Never Flooded *per seller. 5908 Maxie, $559,900


Soo Kim
Maven Real Estate Group

Benjy’s Classic All Day

A delicious lunch! Great atmosphere, lots to look at. But pricey little lunch spot. My pick was the Quinoa salad with a fried egg on top. I’ll have to admit it was pretty darn good, but halfway through I was experience diminishing returns. I finished it anyway because that’s what I do!

And my favorite moment is when I realized they had these fun candy machines and I was thinking I had to put money into it when my lunch partner turned the knob and zing, candy came out! He went to another machine and zing, candy! I can’t tell you how excited I was! I got me some chewy sweet tarts and Reese’s pieces…it was the best!!

Professional Juice

My latest hobby…juicing, to get everything internal working better, but this week I’ve been a little behind and I’m needing a morning boost so Clean Juice being in the neighborhood and next to my office popped into my head and that’s where I headed.

My first try was the Hardcore juice and I’ll be honest it wasn’t any better or interesting than what I make at home. I was able to sample the cold press version of the green juice and that was actually pretty good. I think it was probably my because if had more fruit. Anyway, it was nice to try.

Bori A New Korean Restaurant

I really didn’t get a chance to take a shot of the food, but honestly there wasn’t much difference aesthetically. The soup bowls were really small, meat spread small, but everything was really good. Kimchi soup was a little salty, so was the kimchi in my opinion but I guess I’d rather that than bland. It wasn’t too bad just a little salty. Food was all real good, pricey, and small portions, very nice trendy environment. Staff is not all Korean, doesn’t have that authentic feel, but still a great atmosphere. Staff was great, we had an enjoyable time and really our bill wasn’t that much more than what we usually pay at any other Korean restaurant. Mostly because we didn’t realize the portions were so small, so we didn’t over order like we usually do, leaving all full and disgusting. Anyway, overall great experience!

Decor at Native Citizen

I consider myself in between styles, modern and traditional. On the modern side, I do love mid century modern furniture, it’s probably one of my favorite styles. I’ve been I Native Citizen before, but a friend put it back on my radar so I’m back here and I’ve just discovered they are starting to stage as well. That excites me! I can’t wait to use them on my next staging job.

They’ve got some really cool pieces. I tend to hate most of the stuff stagers bring it, but it fills up the space and that’s what I like and use them for. This time I’d like to see furniture I like in one of my listings. I just can’t wait to try them. Native Citizen, for the most part has really reasonable prices. Some are pricey pieces but most are really affordable. Anyway, some really cool pieces and I can’t wait to use them!

Better Luck Next Time…

Is what I was thinking about Better Luck Tomorrow. We’ll sort of, half of what we had was great, the other half inedible to me, and my husband actually. I started off with a cocktail called the Salty Cat, which I thought was delicious. Little side note, I’m not the best drinker so I’m not really a good source for drinks, but to the folks that like girlie girl drinks, it was good. The second drink I did not like and my husband finished that for me, he said it has Rye in it, can’t remember the name of that one, it was not palatable to me, I couldn’t drink it. Tasted like whiskey.

the food, we just had an appetizer as we just had dinner and was coming out just for drinks. The cauliflower was good, tasty, good texture. And everyone highly recommended the Not a Pizza, wow, we both did not like that. Very strong and the anchovies was just too much for us. We couldn’t finish it. Anyway, other than that the vibe was different, seemed to get mostly a young crowd. And it’s very dark in there, outdoor seats are highly sought after…at least in a decently warm to cool day. Anyway better luck next time…

My Favorite Tex Mex


At the moment. I haven’t had a hard shell taco since I was a wee little one, but it’s my new favorite thing! That and a chicken enchilada with verde sauce is what I always get. But since I’m potentially going to the Caribbean in a few weeks, got to watch the waist, so I’ll take the salad and it’s actually pretty good. Really I shouldn’t be eating here at all till after my bikini required vacation, yikes! But very good, love the food, and highly recommend.

Milk + Sugar


Even though I’ll be going to a beachy vacation soon, I can never say no to a mid day ice cream treat!  This ice cream was so good!  The strawberry almond cheesecake & hello summer (cream cheese & lemon vase + graham cracker crust + blueberry swirl). Mmmmm!  She said it was their 2 most popular, I can see why!  I preferred the Hello Summer, but they were both so good.  Subtle sweet, graham cracker, uhhh, so good!  I loved it!

Izakaya Wa (River Oaks Shopping Center)


I should hate when I’m so excited about eating that I forget to take photos of the food, I was very excited and the food did not disappoint, but the bill is never fun to get at Izakaya Wa, $40 yikes!  And I was just paying for myself!  And this does not include tip.